Urgent need for donations with your loving kindness


Urgent need for donations with your loving kindness

At this juncture, medical devices need you!
Because the pandemic in Malaysia is making people feel worried!

Insufficient protective measures, setting up of additional wards,
The frontline staff are sweating profusely!
Insufficient apparatuses, urgently in need of aid support,
The front-line medical treatment is extremely urgent!

Jing Si disciples are diligently appealing to one and all,
Because the hospital urgently needs respiratory aid machines!
Life is within the breath,
Because medical staff require the life monitor!
Mobilizing the loving kindness of the entire populations

Because medical care needs powered protective devices!
Please be vigilant and pious, don’t get panic,
Because the doctors need us to be their backing support!

Love of Medical care, the most precious is to accrue loving kindness!
Stay home in isolation, vegetarianism is necessary to break off the epidemic chain!
The sentimental value on pandemic prevention, propagate vegetarianism is necessary to accrue wholesome thought!
Sow in the field of blessings extensively, a family that accumulates goodness is sure to have superabundant happiness.

Transpiring your philanthropy. Appealing for your wish of blessings
In aid of Tzu Chi Covid-19 Relief Fund
Detail Information on Donations:
Kindly click on Charity Fund

Infinite Gratitude
From Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter & Kedah Chapter

Together, let’s light up the candles of love in your hearts, contribute generously to bring a ray of brightness and the warmth of love to the helpless people in sufferings in the world.