音樂製作人李壽全 分享慈濟歌心路歷程


Teacher Li Shouquan and host Wang Huici are ready to start today's sharing session.  【Photographer: Du Huixi】

Senior music producer Li Shouquan came to the Penang branch of Jing Si Bookstore in Malaysia to share his journey from pop music to Tzu Chi songwriting, as well as his deep affection for Master Cheng Yen and his fate with overseas Tzu Chi.

Li Shouquan, a veteran music producer and known as the godfather of music in the entertainment industry, came to Penang Bookstore again. The sudden good news made everyone eagerly looking forward to the arrival of April 26, a week later. Although everyone was busy preparing for the Buddha Bathing Ceremony, the mood at the moment was waiting for the return of the family.

Celebrating Li Shouquan’s birthday feeling like family

When he learned that Mr. Li’s birthday was on April 29th, he hoped that his trip to Penang would bring back unexpected memories; the brothers and sisters presented birthday cakes before the sharing session. Although Mr. Li said that he has no special feelings about celebrating birthdays, because he didn’t like festivals much since he was a child. However, he sincerely thanked him for celebrating his birthday. He said, “Every time I come, I don’t feel like I’m leaving Taiwan. Everyone seems to be together. Especially in the past few years, I feel that this family has given me a lot of love. , I also know a lot of family members from it.”

Sister Tzu Chi led her to get to know Tzu Chi

In fact, what moved and pleasantly surprised Mr. Li was still Tzu Chi people’s open-heartedness and pure-heartedness, which made him feel no stranger to Penang, like coming home. Going back 20 years ago, it was also because of the invitation of a Tzu Chi sister that Mr. Li entered the world of Tzu Chi and wrote many classic songs for Tzu Chi. There is no shortage of thought-provoking “Tzu Chi School Songs”; catchy songs such as “There is Love in the World”, “Flying Over the Horizon”, “A Clean Earth”, etc.; of course, there are also Buddhist songs that evoke enlightenment. , such as the recent “Water Repentance” and “Infinite Meaning Classics”.

Do you want Shidou, I have a razor

Teacher Li has written countless songs for Tzu Chi. It was a touch that transformed a rock singer who dominated the music industry in the 1960s and became the first son of Master Cheng Yan. He also transformed from a bearded face to a refreshing and solemn face. Teacher Li took this opportunity to share some interesting stories with you, as well as the connection between Tzu Chi and Master Cheng Yan. He even mentioned that he had naughty and told the Master that there was too much beard to shave, but before Master Cheng Yan gave him the razor, he changed his mind to shave it, because every time he walked into Tzu Chi, he felt that he was too special. Afterwards, he often told his brothers and sisters proudly, “You guys think Shidou, and I have a razor.”

From folk songs to Buddhist songs, leading friends to know Tzu Chi better

There were people from all walks of life in the sharing session that night, including filmmaker Wu Meilan. She admires Teacher Li as a senior and is also a Tzu Chi employee. She especially came to join and listen to Teacher Li’s sharing. Sister Li likes “Descendants of the Dragon” produced by Teacher Li the most. This song has a special meaning for the Chinese in those days. It brought the strength of self-improvement and self-reliance to the Chinese. The song also became a historical witness to the Tiananmen incident. Regarding Mr. Li’s later creations for Tzu Chi, she thinks Mr. Li is right. Although she doesn’t know how widespread its influence is, the power of music is very strong, because it has a wider exposure than movies, and can also enter everyone. heart of. After attending this spiritual feast, Senior Sister even purchased the “Vancing Letter” to go back, hoping to be closer to the Master’s heart, to be a good master of the Master, and not to let the Master worry.

Writing songs can also lead to good relationships

Mr. Li said that everyone has a piece of music to grow up with him. When we think old songs are good, it is because we are getting old and miss our childhood memories. For Mr. Li, every song has his mission, because we don’t know when and who will be moved by which song. As long as he is moved and awakened, Mr. Li can form a good relationship with another person. Teacher Li grasps the karma at all times and does not stop cultivating. For the recording in Malaysia, I came to Penang in my spare time to meet the Tzu Chi family members in Penang and share their experiences with each other. “Everyone has the opportunity to hear my music, that is a fate. If you can share with me, you can know my mental journey when I create, and even understand the message I want to convey when I create, this is another way to know Tzu Chi. “Mr. Li shared.

Just listen to the music to understand the meaning of the song

Zhang Caijun, who received English education, took advantage of the spare time to attend this lecture with his family. Although he didn’t quite understand the meaning of the Chinese lyrics, he heard the song “Love in the World” written by Teacher Li in a Tzu Chi camp, and he has not forgotten the meaning of the song for four years. He said, “The song seems to teach How do we share our love with the world, because the melody told me like this, just through the music, it can let me know the meaning of this song, so it is very moving.”

Compose music with heart to create the appearance of the master

For every song written by Mr. Li, the inspiration also came to Master Chengyan. As long as every note and word appeared like a master, that would be right. Teacher Li told everyone that if you don’t have inspiration and can’t create something, just think about Master Chengyan! Think about what Master Cheng Yan did. Teacher Li mentioned that he once thought for a long time, but he had no inspiration to write the central four lines of the Infinite Yoshitsune – quiet and clear, profound and indifferent, unmoving, hundreds of millions of kalpas, one night when he dreamed of bowing to the master, the master turned and left, He woke up suddenly, the inspiration came, and the song was completed.

Finding answers to life from Tzu Chi songs

Although the audience Wang Xianlong was only 18 years old, he studied music and had a deeper requirement and understanding of the relationship between music and life. He shared, “Most of the current pop songs only reflect social problems, and Instead of giving a solution to the problem, through Tzu Chi’s songs, it gives us an answer. So I think, in fact, many things in life have answers, but we need to find ways to solve them, so we have to be patient to find them. “

The disciple’s heart is the master’s affection

Teacher Li admired Master Chengyan’s wisdom very much, and the Venerable Master listened carefully to Dizi’s sharing. Although the Venerable Master has never been abroad, she can understand the situation in various places; for example, when a disciple is going to a South American country for disaster relief, she will warn that the mountain road is difficult. Master Cheng Yan also often puts himself in the shoes of others, such as the use of Arabic instead of English for the relief items sent to Afghanistan, so as to avoid sadness among the victims. “Because it is not as convenient to do Tzu Chi overseas as it is in Taiwan, and it is not easy to keep up with people, but everyone seems to be right next to you. The feeling of falling in love with people and Tzu Chi really moved me.” Mr. Li understands that overseas Tzu Chi people are eager to get closer to the Master. Because Venerable Cheng Yan was unable to travel by plane, Mr. Li jokingly suggested to him to take the Cihang boat to Singapore and Malaysia, although it was impossible. However, we all felt Mr. Li’s caring towards overseas Tzu Chi people.

Grasp the karma and the soul is full of harvest

Mr. Huang Shengyuan was recommended by his friends. He originally wanted to go back to Singapore. After staying and listening to Principal Ye’s lecture, he felt that he had learned a lot, and he went to Mr. Li’s sharing session. What moved him was Mr. Li’s belief and spirit in creation. A good creation will always exist and will have an impact on everyone ten years later. This is for example the cause of Tzu Chi, which has been established for thousands of years and has continuously brought good influence to mankind. Mr. Huang Shengyuan purchased many Tzu Chi products. In addition to bringing home the enlightening Dharma, he also agreed with Tzu Chi’s cause and hoped to support Tzu Chi through his actions.

Like a concert, Li Shouquan sings with the audience

That night, Mr. Li shared a lot of creative inspiration, which cannot be described one by one. Mr. Li’s presence this time not only interprets Tzu Chi songs but also sang “Love in the World”, and sang two songs with the audience, a “Voice” that touched Tzu Chi people and a brisk “Flying Over the Horizon” “. When they sang “Van Li”, everyone was moved and sang loudly; when they sang “Flying Over the Horizon”, everyone sang in a relaxed and happy mood. These two songs both sang the thoughts and love of overseas Tzu Chi people for the Master, and sang the heart of Tzu Chi people who fell in love with them into musical notes.

Although Mr. Li was willing to stay longer and share more with you, everyone kept asking questions, but there was no time left. Before the end of the sharing session, the conference arranged for Mrs. Guo to present a gift to Mr. Li. Many audience members bought many of Mr. Li’s works on the spot. The teacher was very modest, and cooperated with everyone to sign autographs and take photos so that everyone could fulfill their wishes.


On the day of the sharing session, the bookstore was full of volunteers and guests who came here.  【Photographer: Du Huixi】 The audience took advantage of this rare opportunity to ask questions enthusiastically.  【Photographer: Liu Degen】 Teacher Li Shouquan's birthday is approaching. On the day of the sharing session, Penang Jingsi Bookstore will celebrate him in advance.  【Photographer: Du Huixi】 During the lecture, Mr. Li Shouquan sang his own songs deeply.  【Photographer: Du Huixi】