Data on the pandemic patients,
is causing everyone to feel heart-wrenching!
And also these two data,
Have we seen?

We are grateful for your responding to the Nationwide Movement,
To provide timely support in aid of the medical appliances,
Without querying as to why the medical appliances are insufficient,
But showing concern how much more to replenish?

2021.06.11 Master Cheng Yen expounded:
Our world at this time,
everyone must be considerate with an empathy mind,
to encourage and praise this group of
dedicated medical doctors bearing the compassionate heart of Buddha and living bodhisattvas,
in this living world,
We must be respectful,
to honour and salute to this group of people,
to appreciate their painstaking efforts,
to encourage and motivate them.

We solicit your philanthropic act of kindness and count on your wishes of blessings
In aid of Tzu Chi COVID-19 Relief Charity Fund
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