Design Plans Of Education Centre Take Needs Of Small Children Into Loving Consideration

Construction of the 5-Storey Tzu-Chi Education Centre, which when completed would house the Tzu-Chi Kindergarten, Daycare Centre and the Centre for Continuing Education, has begun to take shape. More than 50% of works have been completed on the project. At present the construction workers are working hard to install the roof tiles.

Construction more than half complete; workers install roof tiles

Tzu Chi staff Lim Zhi Ling explained that the roof would be double layered to prevent leaking in the future. The first layer would be a metal sheet followed by roof tiles on the second layer. Hence the roof would give double protection.

Architect inspects construction site; suggests modification in pursuit of perfection

An architect of over 20 years’ experience, Dato’ Richard Jong inspected the construction site together with Deputy CEO of Tzu-Chi Malaysia Chapter, Koay Ji Hang. Dato’ Jong observed that as opposed to modern architecture which is characterized by sharp angles, horizontal lines and linear elements, the designs of Tzu-Chi buildings tend to have more curved lines.

Dato’ Jong carefully inspected every detail of the building and suggested modifications. He is no stranger to designing buildings for Tzu-Chi, as he not only was the architect for Jing Si Hall of Tzu-Chi Malaysia Chapter, he was also involved in the construction of Tzu-Chi schools in Myanmar. Nonetheless, the construction of the current Education Centre still pose challenges for him.

Dato’ Jong explained that he felt at ease when constructing the medical centre (Dialysis Centre) as he has had experience with building hospitals. Designing a kindergarten posed a little bit of a challenge since the children are small and the scale of everything in the building would have to be different. He admited that he was still learning in this aspect and would modify the designs where necessary.

Cradle of spiritual growth; builds harmonious society

The hope of humanity lies in education. This Education Centre will serve as a cradle for nurturing spiritual growth and play a part in building a harmonious society filled with altruistic love and gratitude.