Functions of Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre

Architect’s Impression of Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre

Safeguarding Life, Safeguarding Health, Safeguarding with Love.

The medical staff of Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre

undertakes to safeguard the dialysis patients,

physically and spiritually.

The six-storey dialysis centre will specialise in treating and educating with a view to preventing kidney failure, so as to better serve the dialysis patients.

Safeguarding Life, Health and Love is culture of Tzu-Chi. It places priority on the patient and respect for life. With kindness, compassion and love, Tzu-Chi serves to protect life and to give it meaning, depth and breath. When in full operation the dialysis centre shall be able to offer dialysis to some 432 patients with a maximum of 108 dialysis machines.

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