Functions of Tzu-Chi Education Centre

Architect’s Impression of Tzu-Chi Education Centre

The hope of parents lies in their children, the children’s hope on education.

Society’s hope lies on talents and education cultivates talents.

Education is the hope for all humanity.

The five-storeyed Tzu-Chi Education Centre will house Tzu-Chi Kindergarten, Da-Ai Educare Centre and Tzu-Chi’s Centre for Continuing Education. In future, this centre will continue to be a haven for teachers and students to cultivate their spiritual wisdom and build a paradise of hope for the world of education.

Tzu-Chi‘s tangible and intangible education model will influence modern educational thinking and connotation. The 21st century ought to be a century for holistic education. This is because holistic education is not only a professional education but also education which inspires our inner intuitive ability to achieve a complete physical and mental personality.

With the hope of purifying society, education with loving kindness will establish a good and beautiful personality. Tzu-Chi’s education will eventually teach us about mutual respect in our daily interactions and the realization that being human, ‘respect, gratitude, great love and care’ is the ultimate ideal.

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