Staff sends loving care to the construction workers

Tzu-Chi’s new dialysis centre is presently under construction. As a show of gratitude for the hard work of the builders, employees from Tzu-Chi’s various missions visit them every month and use loving care to interact with the workers. Such interactions have enabled the staff to develop positive feelings for the building under construction.

Tzu-Chi nurse Zhang XiaoLing (centre) respectfully issuing moist face towels to the workers. To the left is the manager of the Dialysis Centre, Li ChengQun.【Photograph by Woo WeiFen】

Staff sending love, construction workers hard at work

The sounds of “Selamat Hari Jadi” rang out in a heart-warming scene at the construction site as the staff sang birthday wishes in the Malay language.

The group of construction workers who are helping to build Tzu-Chi’s new dialysis centre are truly heroes behind the new centre. Braving rain and shine and risking their lives, they are working at completing this new hall of Great Love.

As a show of gratitude for the hard work of these on-site bodhisattvas, the staff of Tzu-Chi’s various missions have made it a point to visit them every month so as to render them loving care. Such interactions with the workers have also enabled the staff to grow positive feelings for the upcoming building.

“We have come today to send you our thanks,” the staff shared with the construction workers.

“You are welcome”, the builders replied.

“Do you know who this building is for ?”

“No we don’t.”

“It’s for patients who are undergoing haemodialysis. Your contribution is so great! Apart from earning your wages, you will also be blessed for having helped to build this centre because it will be used to help many poor and sick people. That is why we are very grateful to you all.”

After a short introduction, the staff led the workers to a greater understanding of the importance and significance of the building.

Receiving the gifts of love, foreign workers are doubly touched

“Come wipe your face with this towel!” The staff reverently issued wet towels to the workers, a much welcomed act for their sweat-drenched hard work.

Apart from wet towels, the staff also offered apples and drinks to these workers, who are mainly foreign nationals, to help them to feel at home. May they feel the sweetness in their hearts, as they take bites off the red apples and may each and every one of them feel comforted and loved although so far away from home.

Under these circumstances, the staff have also not forgotten to celebrate their birthdays, completed with birthday cards and Jing Si biscuits. It was a simple celebration but one which was full of sincerity. The workers were happy and smiled broadly. Carrying lotus lamps, they made birthday wishes. The simple words of ‘Selamat Hari Jadi’ conveyed the sincere wishes and care of the staff who also took the opportunity to share with them Jing Si Aphorisms.

A worker named Kumar said, “I am so happy to have an apple to eat. It is so good to work here. Everything is so good.”

Staff Liu SiYi shared, “These two buildings are the product of many people’s efforts. Apart from the loving-kindness of the generous public, we also need to thank the construction workers for their contributions.”

“ Therefore, through this activity we hope to give these workers a sense of love and care, that even though they are far from home, there is a heart-warming family feeling here,” she continued.

Gratitude, Respect and Love entails not differentiating between you and I, nor between the colour of our skin. It serves to gather together our common aspirations to help beings and purify minds in our medical mission.