Fundraising for Dialysis Machines in Malaysia,
for the Sake of the Dialysis Patients

In July, 2012, construction work commenced on Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre in Penang, Malaysia which will accommodate 108 dialysis machines. A dialysis machine serves to substitute the kidney‘s function. Such a machine which helps to provide needy patients with free dialysis treatment, costs RM55,000.00 per unit, equivalent approximately to NT$550,000.00. There are enterprises which donate 10 units at a time while there are also thousands of donors who donate RM55.00 each, such that their combined effort is enough to donate a machine. No matter how it is done, the accumulation of everyone’s loving-kindness helps to donate dialysis machines.

This large scale Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre in Penang Malaysia is currently waiting for generous donors to come forward to help its fundraising efforts.


Groundbreaking of the 1.5acres’ Dialysis Centre, A Ray Of Hope for Dialysis Patients

A dialysis machine resembles the external kidneys of dialysis patients, helping their kidneys to pass out excess water and toxins from their body through blood transfusion. Otherwise, the excessive accumulation of toxins in the body will impair their health and may even cause serious complications or even death.

With an area of 1.5acres, Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre is located within 5 minutes’ drive from the Malaysian Chapter ‘s Jing Si Hall and is expected to be completed in 2013. It will be equipped with 108 dialysis machines to serve 432 dialysis patients and give hope to many more lives.


Multinational Enterprise Donates Ten Units of Dialysis Machines as its contribution to Society

Zhulian Corporation donated ten units of dialysis machines to the upcoming Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre. (Photograph by Lee Shin Lun)

Zhulian is a multinational direct selling company involved in production and planning enterprises. This successful business enterprise often donates to charity too. Knowing that Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre is presently under construction, they generously donated ten dialysis machines. A simple cheque presentation ceremony was held on August 25th, 2012. Mr. Ooi Huan Qiang, the CEO of Zhulian Corporation, Penang in charge of their Malaysian investments, was also present to witness the ceremony. He said, “I am very happy and I would also like to congratulate Zhulian Corporation for their donations to support the medical care of dialysis treatments as well as the establishment of this dialysis centre. I have visited Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre in Gottlieb Road before, and am also aware that this new dialysis centre which is presently under construction, urgently requires everyone’s support. I feel that Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre is operating very well, very people oriented, regardless of religion or race, anyone can come to seek help and treatment.”


A call to the general public for a thousand people, not only to raise funds but also to transpire their loving kindness

Dedicating his loving kindness is Xu Ren Long, the boss cum chef of a restaurant as well as a culinary volunteer at Tzu-Chi Malaysia’s Jing Si Hall. When he came to know that Tzu-Chi is raising funds for the dialysis machines, without a second word, he immediately took action. Sharing his views, Xu commented, “Constructing this dialysis centre needs a lot of money, it also requires many dialysis machines, I will do my best to go and seek donors, one person at a time to contribute RM55.00 (NT$550) each.”

Xu Ren Long has visited the dialysis centre before and he understands the dilemma of the kidney patients. With a compassionate heart, he started off by donating RM55.00 (NT$550). Then with his receipt, he set himself as an example to go out and do some fund raising. As he could not think of any other way, he began to make telephone calls and sent out SMS. He explained, “Besides making telephone calls, when there is no choice, I would take out a big pile of namecards to look for telephone numbers and then SMS them. After some people received my SMS, they will SMS their names back to me and I will pay their donations on their behalf. After that, I will go and meet them to present the receipts to the donors.”

Xu Ren Long contacted the donor, after meeting with them, will give them the official receipt. He will also invite them to help get more people to donate. (Photograph by Lee Shin Lun)

Giving them their receipts is not enough, he will also ask them to continue to help by getting more donors to donate, in this way, the message is passed on from one to another, so that everyone can come together to do good deeds. Because of this, very often there are customers who come with unexpected surprises to his restaurant. “After they have donated, many will feel that this act of kindness is very meaningful and so they go home to share it with their family members. At times, there are people who come to my restaurant and say that they want to donate RM55.00 (NT$550) for the dialysis machines. I am really glad to hear this and I will ask them to write down their names immediately.” he explained.

During the fundraising process, not everyone he approached will donate to him. Nevertheless, for the sake of relieving the suffering of these dialysis patients, he is very persistent to carry on. He commented, “Tzu-Chi is doing a good job, I will work harder to raise funds. I dare not say I will surely get one thousand people to donate, but I will do my best, no matter how many I can get.”

Giving is not the sole privilege of the rich, but the dedication of kind-hearted people. Thoughts of kindness must be actualized in action, accumulating everyone’s loving kindness brings hope to the lives of dialysis patients.