Staff sends loving care to the construction workers

Tzu-Chi’s new dialysis centre is presently under construction. As a show of gratitude for the hard work of the builders, employees from Tzu-Chi’s various missions visit them every month and use loving care to interact with the workers. Such interactions have enabled the staff to develop positive feelings for the building under construction. Read more ›

Entrepreneurs Initiated A Charity Forum To Collect Donations For The Building Fund

Tzu-Chi Malaysia’s Entrepreneurs group planned a forum entitled ‘The Corporate Path Begins With Love’ with donations from tickets sold. The entire proceeds would be donated to the building funds of bothTzu-Chi Dialysis and Education centres. Read more ›

Fundraising for Dialysis Machines in Malaysia,
for the Sake of the Dialysis Patients

In July, 2012, construction work commenced on Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre in Penang, Malaysia which will accommodate 108 dialysis machines. A dialysis machine serves to substitute the kidney‘s function. Such a machine which helps to provide needy patients with free dialysis treatment, costs RM55,000.00 per unit, equivalent approximately to NT$550,000.00. There are enterprises which donate 10 units at a time while there are also thousands of donors who donate RM55.00 each, such that their combined effort is enough to donate a machine. No matter how it is done, the accumulation of everyone’s loving-kindness helps to donate dialysis machines.

This large scale Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre in Penang Malaysia is currently waiting for generous donors to come forward to help its fundraising efforts. Read more ›