‘Heart warming medical care, love cultivates talents’ , a night in Auto City, Juru

On 27th January 2013, the second session of ‘Care for the Sick with Warmth of Love, Nurture the Intellectual with Enthusiasm’, was held in Auto City, Juru. Read more ›

‘Care for the Sick with Warmth of Love, Nurture the Intellectual with Enthusiasm’:  An evening of gratitude at Gurney Paragon, Penang

On 26th January 2013, Tzu-Chi Mission of Culture and Jing-Si Volunteers in collaboration with Hunza Properties, Penang organised an event in the evening entitled ‘Care for the Sick with Warmth of Love, Nurture the Intellectual with Enthusiasm’.

This was a fundraising activity for the building funds of Tzu-Chi New Dialysis Centre and Tzu-Chi Education Centre. Our gratitude goes to each and every donor who gave so that the lives of many dialysis patients may carry on. This collective effort will also enable students at the Tzu-Chi Education Centre to grow spiritually. Read more ›

A Musical Concert Soliciting Loving Kindness and Donations, Filling the World with Love

The small event hall at Stage 2, Penangpac Straits Quay was filled to capacity and awashed with lovely music. To raise funds for its Dialysis and Education Centres, Tzu-Chi’s Honorary Directors & Entrepreneurs group planned an Evening of Gratitude aptly named “A Bodhisattva Each, Filling the World With Love”. This meaningful event was held for a total of 20 nights with the hope of soliciting loving-kindness and donations from attending entrepreneurs and professionals. Together, we build a loving society. Read more ›

A ticket for some vegetarian food, a chance to donate to show your care and help the sick

For three months the staff of Tzu-Chi Malaysia prepared for a Family Day vegetarian event, opened to the family members of staff and monthly donors. Held on 27th October 2012 it facilitated a better understanding of Tzu-Chi Dialysis and Education centres and afforded an opportunity to show Tzu-Chi’s gratitude for their support. Read more ›

Sale of mooncakes in Kedah to raise funds for the Medical and Education Centres

Kedah Tzu-Chi volunteers, in a show of love and strength, baked and sold 6,500 boxes of mooncakes within half a month. The money collected went towards supporting the construction of the Medical and Education centres. Read more ›

Saving a handful of rice in baby milk bottles

In 2008 Cyclone Nagris devastated rice-producing Myanmar nation and badly affected the livelihood of the farmers. Tzu-Chi, among other aid, helped them with superior rice seeds and fertilizers to put them back on their feet again. The poor farmers were very grateful and decided to save a handful of rice each time before cooking their meals. As a gesture of paying back they hoped to help many more people in need.

In the same spirit, Tzu-Chi Kindergarten children saved some rice from their families’ meals each day and put this into their milk bottles. The following day this rice was added to the stock of rice from the Kindergarten which was being accumulated for a charity sale in aid of Tzu-Chi Dialysis and Education centres. By this single act, the children were able to help others and at the same time, cut off their dependence on their milk bottles. Read more ›

Army of Ants Gathering Great Love – Mooncake Sales in Johor

2012 was the 10th year that Johor volunteers had been participating in charity mooncake drive but the quantity produced at 2,706 doubled that of the past year.
Read more ›

Kindergarten Kids in Charity Sales Fundraising

The children of Butterworth Tzu-Chi Kindergarten decided to participate in a charity-sale to help raise funds for Dialysis and Education centres. Read more ›

Kindergarten children raised funds and shared their loving kindness

On 7th November 2012 the children began making posters to advertise their biscuits charity sales for, young as they were, they felt that helping dialysis patients must not wait. They worked hard at it with the teachers guiding them along. To ensure the support of their parents, the children stayed back to explain their project to their parents. Read more ›

Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat Charity Concerts – Gathering of Love and Goodness

Charity concerts were organised to raise funds for the construction of Dialysis and Education centres in Penang. Noted Taiwanese singer, Wan Fang, made special trips to Batu Pahat on 29th June 2012 and to Johor Bahru on 1st July 2012 specifically for this purpose. Read more ›