Entrepreneurs Initiated A Charity Forum To Collect Donations For The Building Fund

Tzu-Chi Malaysia’s Entrepreneurs group planned a forum entitled ‘The Corporate Path Begins With Love’ with donations from tickets sold. The entire proceeds would be donated to the building funds of bothTzu-Chi Dialysis and Education centres.

This forum saw an attendance of some 320 people, who donated a total of RM1,250.0000 (NT12.500,000). Among the speakers, Dato Seri Kelvin Kiew who manages over 30 enterprises overseas, encouraged the audience to give back to society. He started the ball rolling by donating three dialysis machines himself. Another speaker, Mr Chu Jenn Weng used Master Cheng Yen’s words, ‘Precepts as principles, Love as management’ as a means to motivate his employees to serve with the spirit of volunteers.